Garage Door Locks To Improve Security

Garage door locks are a good choice when you want to boost your home security. Locks are inexpensive and simple to install and can easily deter break ins. When combined with other safety accessories locks are an easy way to feel secure about your home safety.

Why Use a Lock?

Almost everything that you own has a lock on it. Your home, your car, and even your mobile phone can be locked for security. Garage door locks can be operated with your remote opener so adding one won’t interfere with the convenience you currently experience with your garage.  Most locks are digital and can be opened from both inside the home and outside with a remote opener. Having a more secure garage can easily enhance the overall security of your home, and there are even some additional supplies that you can use if you have had problems with people coming into your garage.

For instance, you may want to purchase garage door locks along with a motion sensor for your garage. The motion sensor will let you know if anything is moving inside your garage while the door locks will prevent intrusion from the outside. If your garage has windows you will definitely want to consider these additional security devices along with the lock. There are also accessories such as light remotes that can work with your remote garage door opener to ensure your home is well-lit when you arrive.

Choosing a Lock

Garage door locks aren’t bulky, unsightly, or hard to operate. Most locks today feature digital displays and can be customized to work with your existing garage door opener. You may also want to switch to a universal remote garage door opener if you find that your lock isn’t compatible with your current opener. You will want to make sure that you choose a high quality lock as well as one that has the appearance you like. A great lock will be made from rust resistant materials and will be durable enough for the weather in your region.

For instance, if you have a lot of rain and snow then your garage door locks should be made from high grade stainless steel and should have a weather proof coating that ensures they won’t break from extreme weather conditions. Zinc locks are commonly considered among the most durable on the market but there are also other options that will last for quite some time. If you have an interior door that leads to your home then having a lock on your garage door just makes sense.


Digital interior garage door locks come with a wide range of features, including a keyed disconnect feature that resets the alarm on the lock when it is opened with a key. If you have teens coming home from school and use the garage door to enter the home then this feature can save a lot of time and trouble. The key system also keeps the garage door closed until the key is removed so if you forget your key in the lock the door won’t open. This is a nice feature to help deter break ins.

Most garage door locks are simple to use. The features that you choose should reflect your personal need for security and the needs of your family. A lock that works using either a key or remote will be useful if your automatic garage door opener becomes broken in the future since you will still be able to use the lock with the key. You will find that a lock also increases your feelings of security at home by adding some additional protection for your family.


Installing garage door locks is a fairly simple process. You can choose from a digital locking system for the inside of the garage and a manual lock that works with a key for the outside of the garage. A digital lock take a little more technical knowledge than a manual lock but the installation is still fairly simple for both types. For a manual lock you need the lock, a screwdriver and a drill. You will need to make a small hole in the garage door to insert the lock through.

You will install deadbolts along with your lock in most cases. The keyhole is located in the center of the door, and the deadbolts are located along the sides of the door. Take the time to level the deadbolt locks with the center keyhole to ensure the lock works properly when you are finished. All you need to do to connect the lock is simply wire the lock to the inside of the garage door and you have your garage door locks ready to use.

For garage door locks that are automatic you need to be sure you have wired the lock correctly. In some locks the mechanism simply needs to be plugged after running a thin wire along the frame of the garage door. This type of lock is very simple to install but you may need a ladder to get the job done. You can check the lock by using your remote entry device to test it before leaving home.

Your Security

Garage door locks can add a layer of security to your home that is often overlooked by home owners. You probably store tools, lawnmowers and other expensive equipment in your garage. It is always advisable to secure these items and your home with a lock no matter where you live. Burglars don’t have to live in your neighborhood to take items from your garage, and with your home door just a few feet away you won’t want to take the chance that someone comes into your garage without knowing.

Garage door locks are inexpensive and can be installed easily within one afternoon. Your family’s safety is definitely worth a few hours time, and when combined with other theft deterring devices you can have the safest garage on the block.