Garage Door Accessories

Garage door accessories can include door controls, remote door openers and universal remotes. These little accessories are designed to optimize convenience and to make your garage door simple to operate. Some of these accessories are definitely a necessity that you will want to own.


Convenience is one of the reasons that you have a garage. Walking out and enjoying a climate controlled, safe garage is much more appealing than walking out into the blustery cold or sweltering heat of the day. You can choose among products that will make the convenience of owning a garage door even more convenient. For instance, a universal remote is one of the garage door accessories that you can purchase to make your life a little less complicated. A universal remote can operate more than one garage door and have the latest in safety technology to offer.

A laser parking guide can also quickly become a necessity when parking in your garage, especially if you share with another driver. These little garage door accessories hang from the ceiling to help you maximize parking space so you aren’t stuck cramped beside last year’s Christmas decorations or your husbands lawnmower unable to get out of the car. Remote light controls are also very simple to use and can ensure your home is welcoming and ready for your arrival by turning on pre-designated lights before you walk in.

Necessary Accessories

Small things can make a big difference when it comes to garage door accessories. For instance, a surge protector will ensure your garage sensors and motors are protected during thunderstorms and a garage door monitor will tell you if you have accidently left your garage door open. The sensor for the garage door monitor can be heard from any room in the home. This is also an excellent tool for detecting break ins. Your garage door monitor can help you feel at peace. When combined with a motion sensor and lock you have the best in garage security.

The garage motion sensor is a great option if your entire home is protected by an alarm system but your garage doesn’t have the same security. Sensors are available with up to a half-mile range so you can be sure all is quiet around your garage any time of the day. These safety devices are an inexpensive way to really boost your home security. You may also like adding an additional overhead light when you are ordering garage door accessories for your home. Extra light can make a big difference when you are arriving home at night.

Remote Entry

Universal remotes are one of the garage door accessories that you can’t do without. These universal remotes can be used for additional family member or as a replacement for an old or broken remote. With one universal garage door opener you can operate both doors on your garage, as well.  With a universal remote you never have to worry about grabbing the wrong garage door opener in the morning.