Garage Door Accessories

Garage door accessories can include door controls, remote door openers and universal remotes. These little accessories are designed to optimize convenience and to make your garage door simple to operate. Some of these accessories are definitely a necessity that you will want to own.


Convenience is one of the reasons that you have a garage. Walking out and enjoying a climate controlled, safe garage is much more appealing than walking out into the blustery cold or sweltering heat of the day. You can choose among products that will make the convenience of owning a garage door even more convenient. For instance, a universal remote is one of the garage door accessories that you can purchase to make your life a little less complicated. A universal remote can operate more than one garage door and have the latest in safety technology to offer.

A laser parking guide can also quickly become a necessity when parking in your garage, especially if you share with another driver. These little garage door accessories hang from the ceiling to help you maximize parking space so you aren’t stuck cramped beside last year’s Christmas decorations or your husbands lawnmower unable to get out of the car. Remote light controls are also very simple to use and can ensure your home is welcoming and ready for your arrival by turning on pre-designated lights before you walk in.

Necessary Accessories

Small things can make a big difference when it comes to garage door accessories. For instance, a surge protector will ensure your garage sensors and motors are protected during thunderstorms and a garage door monitor will tell you if you have accidently left your garage door open. The sensor for the garage door monitor can be heard from any room in the home. This is also an excellent tool for detecting break ins. Your garage door monitor can help you feel at peace. When combined with a motion sensor and lock you have the best in garage security.

The garage motion sensor is a great option if your entire home is protected by an alarm system but your garage doesn’t have the same security. Sensors are available with up to a half-mile range so you can be sure all is quiet around your garage any time of the day. These safety devices are an inexpensive way to really boost your home security. You may also like adding an additional overhead light when you are ordering garage door accessories for your home. Extra light can make a big difference when you are arriving home at night.

Remote Entry

Universal remotes are one of the garage door accessories that you can’t do without. These universal remotes can be used for additional family member or as a replacement for an old or broken remote. With one universal garage door opener you can operate both doors on your garage, as well.  With a universal remote you never have to worry about grabbing the wrong garage door opener in the morning.

Garage Door Locks To Improve Security

Garage door locks are a good choice when you want to boost your home security. Locks are inexpensive and simple to install and can easily deter break ins. When combined with other safety accessories locks are an easy way to feel secure about your home safety.

Why Use a Lock?

Almost everything that you own has a lock on it. Your home, your car, and even your mobile phone can be locked for security. Garage door locks can be operated with your remote opener so adding one won’t interfere with the convenience you currently experience with your garage.  Most locks are digital and can be opened from both inside the home and outside with a remote opener. Having a more secure garage can easily enhance the overall security of your home, and there are even some additional supplies that you can use if you have had problems with people coming into your garage.

For instance, you may want to purchase garage door locks along with a motion sensor for your garage. The motion sensor will let you know if anything is moving inside your garage while the door locks will prevent intrusion from the outside. If your garage has windows you will definitely want to consider these additional security devices along with the lock. There are also accessories such as light remotes that can work with your remote garage door opener to ensure your home is well-lit when you arrive.

Choosing a Lock

Garage door locks aren’t bulky, unsightly, or hard to operate. Most locks today feature digital displays and can be customized to work with your existing garage door opener. You may also want to switch to a universal remote garage door opener if you find that your lock isn’t compatible with your current opener. You will want to make sure that you choose a high quality lock as well as one that has the appearance you like. A great lock will be made from rust resistant materials and will be durable enough for the weather in your region.

For instance, if you have a lot of rain and snow then your garage door locks should be made from high grade stainless steel and should have a weather proof coating that ensures they won’t break from extreme weather conditions. Zinc locks are commonly considered among the most durable on the market but there are also other options that will last for quite some time. If you have an interior door that leads to your home then having a lock on your garage door just makes sense.


Digital interior garage door locks come with a wide range of features, including a keyed disconnect feature that resets the alarm on the lock when it is opened with a key. If you have teens coming home from school and use the garage door to enter the home then this feature can save a lot of time and trouble. The key system also keeps the garage door closed until the key is removed so if you forget your key in the lock the door won’t open. This is a nice feature to help deter break ins.

Most garage door locks are simple to use. The features that you choose should reflect your personal need for security and the needs of your family. A lock that works using either a key or remote will be useful if your automatic garage door opener becomes broken in the future since you will still be able to use the lock with the key. You will find that a lock also increases your feelings of security at home by adding some additional protection for your family.


Installing garage door locks is a fairly simple process. You can choose from a digital locking system for the inside of the garage and a manual lock that works with a key for the outside of the garage. A digital lock take a little more technical knowledge than a manual lock but the installation is still fairly simple for both types. For a manual lock you need the lock, a screwdriver and a drill. You will need to make a small hole in the garage door to insert the lock through.

You will install deadbolts along with your lock in most cases. The keyhole is located in the center of the door, and the deadbolts are located along the sides of the door. Take the time to level the deadbolt locks with the center keyhole to ensure the lock works properly when you are finished. All you need to do to connect the lock is simply wire the lock to the inside of the garage door and you have your garage door locks ready to use.

For garage door locks that are automatic you need to be sure you have wired the lock correctly. In some locks the mechanism simply needs to be plugged after running a thin wire along the frame of the garage door. This type of lock is very simple to install but you may need a ladder to get the job done. You can check the lock by using your remote entry device to test it before leaving home.

Your Security

Garage door locks can add a layer of security to your home that is often overlooked by home owners. You probably store tools, lawnmowers and other expensive equipment in your garage. It is always advisable to secure these items and your home with a lock no matter where you live. Burglars don’t have to live in your neighborhood to take items from your garage, and with your home door just a few feet away you won’t want to take the chance that someone comes into your garage without knowing.

Garage door locks are inexpensive and can be installed easily within one afternoon. Your family’s safety is definitely worth a few hours time, and when combined with other theft deterring devices you can have the safest garage on the block.

Garage Door Parts

Garage door parts can help you save your garage door from the garbage. Everything from hurricane braces to springs and weather stripping is available for you to use for upkeep and maintenance of your garage.

Protection against the Weather

Hurricane braces can make a huge difference in the strength of your garage door. Keeping your garage doors well maintained with garage door parts is just part of the process; you also need the protection offered by a hurricane brace. These braces are made to fit nearly any garage door and are extremely lightweight so you can easily install the brace yourself. The brace works by offering additional support where your garage door needs it most.

Hurricane braces aren’t the only garage door parts you may want on hand to protect against the weather. Weather stripping can also help keep out wind and rain in just a few minutes. The stripping is designed with an adhesive so you can stick it where you need it and go on with your day. Weather stripping can be used in any climate to ensure your climate controlled garage stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Springs and Conversions

Garage door parts also include springs and lift kits. Garage door springs are made from steel and are very rust resistant. The materials are also very durable so you won’t need to replace this part often. When choosing springs you need to know some information about the parts that you need. The length and width of the spring that you want to replace, for instance, may be important when choosing a replacement part. Your garage door make and model will help you choose the right size springs for your garage door.

Conversion lift kits are made to be used when you have more vehicles that space in your garage. These garage door parts do require that you know the width and height of your garage door so make sure that you have measured properly. In most cases, you need to measure your garage door carefully following the instructions given by the company you are purchasing your lift conversion kit from. You may need to measure using a level at the top of your garage door to ensure the garage door parts will fit correctly. Weighting and measuring your springs is also often recommended when buying lift conversion kits.

Replacement Parts

Replacing garage door parts is much simpler when you know exactly what you need. Your make and model garage door will be very helpful when buying new parts for maintenance or upgrade. You may also need some special information about your garage, as well. Your company representative will be able to provide you with more information about ordering these parts and how to order the right items for your particular garage door.

Garage door parts ensure your garage door is working and that it protects your property from even the worst storms and weather, and even provide the security you need for your home.

Garage Security Door Locks

Anyone who is looking to find a good lock for their garage doors need to ensure they do a comprehensive search for the different products that are available.  Most people fail to realize how easy it is to break into a garage if you have the technical knowledge.  A good thief will be able to enter and leave your garage within a matter of minutes before you realize what happened.  Using the right garage door security locks will ensure that you are able to find something that works for you.

People who are looking to replace their old locks need to make sure they find a new lock that is compatible with the existing hardware that you are using.  It is necessary that you look around until you are able to find a good pad door lock that will work for your particular garage.

There are a variety of different options for you to choose from when you are deciding what kind of garage door security lock to own.  It is important that you take into account the particular kind of garage door you own.  You will need to find a good security lock that can work to properly secure and control your door.

Before you decide to install your new doors into place you will need to ensure that the locks and hinges are properly installed on your current door.  There is nothing worse than installing your new locks and then realizing that they won’t work because the door isn’t in the proper tracks.

Always make sure the tracks, rollers, hinge mechanisms, are all working in proper order.  You will need to have good door handles and levers that are all working correctly in your garage door.  This will ensure that you have a smooth installation process for the new garage door.

If you are looking for a product that can work for you make sure you have a good look at the National Hardware Deadbolt V7651 garage door lock.  This product works extremely well to resist any kind of break-in attempts that occur in your home.  You will find that is looks quite nice in chrome finish and has a net weight of .75 pounds.

The key to securing your home is to ensure that you have good garage door security locks to protect yourself against different burglars.  Making sure your home is difficult to break into will help deter potential thieves that are looking for an easy score.

Tips for Buying New Garage Door Springs

Replacing your old garage door springs is a simple task when you have the right parts. Your springs should match exactly for both safety in operation and to provide the security you expect from your garage door. These tips will help you choose the right springs for your garage no matter which make and model your garage door is.

Evaluate Your Garage Door

The first step in choosing new garage door springs is to find information on your old garage door. You can find tutorials online for making the replacement but you can only use these tutorials if you have the same make and model garage door. Even the smallest differences can impact the proper working order of your garage door, so make sure that you are only working with materials that are specific to your model. Your springs should also be ordered from a professional company that specializes in do it yourself garage door repairs.

Your company can assist you in finding the right garage door springs for your personal make and model. You may need to take your old springs off and measure, or even weigh, the springs before your new order can take place. Having the right springs the first time can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long term. With the wrong springs you will find that the security and working order of your garage door can easily become compromised.

Making the Replacement

After you have your garage door springs you are ready to get started. The springs are under a lot of pressure so you should use caution when removing them from the garage door. Make sure that you have the right tools that are needed for the job, including a ladder, safety glasses and a wrench. Wearing safety glasses and staying clear of the springs should they break is imperative to your safety. The rings are under a lot of pressure and can easily break as you take them off.

You should also watch the winding cone that is on the end of the spring. It may also break as you twist the spring for removal. Wearing safety glasses and minimizing your exposure by staying clear of these parts is always advisable. You will want to remove the garage door springs slowly. You will also need some oil, a winding bar that can be purchased from your garage parts supply store, and a pair of vice grips to finish the job. It’s a good idea to have all your tools close by when working to keep the process as simple as possible.

Take the Right Steps

When replacing garage door springs you need to be as careful as possible to use the proper tools and to follow all safety instructions. The swiftly unwinding bar can easily break your hand or cause other damage if the springs aren’t unwound and replaced properly. This is a fairly simple task as long as you carefully follow the instructions and use the right tools.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, The Affordable Answer To Kitchen Remodeling

Are your kitchen cabinets looking tired, beat up and outdated? Well there is no time better than now to start replacing those old worn out kitchen cabinet doors. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors can save you a great deal of money over hiring a skilled contractor to completely tear out and replace your kitchen cabinets. Many people are now turning to cabinet door replacement as a cost saving alternative remodeling an entire kitchen. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors can be a very easy straightforward process requiring minimal tools and only some very basic remodeling skills.

To find out if replacing kitchen cabinet doors will be right for your situation you will have to decide whether your kitchen cabinets are in good enough condition to accept the new replacement doors. Some of the things you will have to do is inspect your existing cabinet cases for signs of excessive wear or water damage. If several of the cabinets in your kitchen are badly damaged you will want to get those individual cabinet replaced before starting the next step of the process. Kitchen cabinets with normal wear can be easily repaired. Surface damage such as dings and scratches can be filled with wood putty and sanded smooth.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets, Another Way To Save

By now you should have determined if your current cabinet boxes are up sturdy enough to proceed with the refacing project. What you will need to know at this point is if these kitchen cabinets will be getting a coat of paint or if a stained finish is required. If a stained finish is desired you will need to purchase cabinet doors that are designed to be able to accept a stained finish. Raised panel doors will need to be made from solid wood materials in order to be stained. For inset panels such as Shaker cabinet doors a veneer material can be used on the center panel and will stain similar to that of solid wood. If you decide to paint your cabinet doors a paint grade cabinet door would be recommended.

So Many Door Styles To Choose From, Perfect For That One Of A Kind Look

Selecting an actual door style from the ever growing collection that exists online can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Most cabinet door styles are segregated into a few basic categories, knowing the general style you are after can help in the selection process. Some of the more popular door styles are flat slab doors, which is simply a flat board door style, popular for that modern Euro look. The next style is the inset or recessed panel door, this door style has a perimeter frame with a flat panel that is set below the perimeter surface. Next would be the raised panel door, where the center panel is raised, in most cases the panel is even with the perimeter frame.

Custom Built Cabinet Doors For Kitchen Space

If you are looking for high quality custom built cabinet doors for your next kitchen remodel or kitchen cabinet refacing project then you know it can be a daunting task.  Searching for just the right cabinet door design among thousands of possible combinations seems virtually endless. Custom cabinet doors have numerous applications, everything from refacing kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, all the way to installing wainscoting in your home to dress up those bare walls. You can also use custom built cabinet doors to repair and replace doors on old furniture to completely transform the look and feel of that old furniture.

The actual process of ordering custom built cabinet doors is relatively easy, you only need to measure your old cabinet doors, and select a style and wood species of doors and you will be all set to get that custom cabinet door order on its way. In addition to new custom cabinet doors keep in mind that you will most likely need matching drawer fronts to go with those cabinet doors. This is a great feature to have so that you are not stuck with simple looking drawer fronts, by having matching drawer fronts you will get that truly custom built appearance in your kitchen space that you are looking for.

There are some additional items that will aid in your next kitchen cabinet refacing project, items such as European cabinet door hinges, as well as the veneer sheet materials if you decide to cover your existing cabinet boxes with new veneer. Also glass cabinet doors can also be custom built to fit your cabients. Installing glass cabinet doors onto a few select upper cabinets can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen cabinets, this addition of interior cabinet lighting in those glass front cabinets can add a whole new level to your kitchen ambiance.

Kitchen cabinet refacing and cabinet door replacement does not cost an arm and a leg to purchase. There is a very large variety of cabinet door material options for just about every budget and design taste out there. Some of the cabinet door lines that are the most economical are the paint grade custom cabinet doors. These cabinet doors are designed for painting and can save you the most if you do decide that you would like a painted finish on your custom built cabinet doors.

Another type of door to consider is the paint grade cabinet door , these cabinet doors, you can save a great deal as opposed to stain grade wood materials. These paint grade cabinet doors are ideal for sprucing up that rental property or apartment building. The demand has increased for economical value when it comes to paint grade cabinet doors and their availability has become more commonplace.

Arched Top Bead Board Cabinet Doors

When thinking about using bead board cabinet doors in our recent kitchen remodeling project it was important to us that the kitchen had a more of a classic feel. Since we were not sure about the exact style we wanted to use for our kitchen we decided to contact several kitchen designers to help us in the decision-making process. After searching through numerous catalogs and idea books we decided that it would be best to go with kitchen cabinet refacing. We determined that kitchen cabinet refacing would save us a lot of money as well as a lot of time and headache. The final style of cabinet door that we decided to go with was an arch top bead board cabinet door. In searching various photos and idea books we saw a lot of photos of bead board cabinet doors but very few that had an arch top. After going online and checking out various websites we quickly found out that not many vendors offered arch top bead board cabinet doors. We did however find one vendor cabinet doors that had a large selection of arch top board cabinet doors as well as vee groove panel doors.

The final look of our kitchen would be a painted bead board style with somewhat of an off-white color. During the time of our kitchen upgrade we went ahead and added some additional convenience items such as rollout drawers and a trash bin. This is the best time to add these convenience items especially before putting all your stuff back into the kitchen cabinets. By having cabinet doors build our arch top bead board cabinet doors we saved a tremendous amount of money. One of the reasons for this is that cabinet doors specializes in bead board style cabinet doors and has the widest selection available. They also were the only dealer that we found that carried the arch top bead board cabinet door and they also specialize in providing paint grade cabinet doors which fit our budget and our design tastes. All we had to do in our kitchen was remove the old cabinet doors, clean and paint the cabinet boxes, and install the new cabinet doors. We were also able to get brand-new European-style cabinet door hinges along with our door order. By getting the doors pre-hinged saved us a lot of running around time trying to locate hinges locally.

Since we went with an off-white color for our new bead board cabinet doors it added a tremendous amount of brightness to our kitchen space. If you happen to have a dark kitchen painting your new cabinet doors a lighter color will dramatically brighten the space.

Using Cabinet Doors Custom Cabinet Doors to Sell a Home

When increasing the value of a home there are different aspects to think about improving in order to see your property value rise. One of these factors that you would want to think about includes replacing or adding new kitchen cabinet doors. This may seem like it shouldn’t increase the value of a home too much but in the long run it can add more appeal and help it to sell much quicker.

Decide If New Custom Cabinet Doors Are Needed

As you walk into the kitchen what is the first thing, or possibly the second, that your eyes get drawn to? If neither of those options were your kitchen cabinets than it might be time to get some cabinet doors that are customized perfectly for your kitchen. cabinet doors will take in what your needs and wants are and produce a handmade quality cabinet doors that everyone will envy.

Choose From a Variety of Different Options

When it comes to choosing cabinet doors you will find that the options that you have to choose from are numerous. Even though the cabinet doors that are available are not endless you will be able to find the right ones that will work perfectly in your updated kitchen. cabinet doors can come to you perfectly customized to fit your needs that you won’t have to think about replacing them for a long time to come.

Getting the Fully Customized Look in Your Kitchen

If you are seeking out a fully customized look in your kitchen you would not want to look any further than the cabinet doors. Not only do these cabinet doors come unfinished when shipped but they can be created to fit any cupboard available. This would mean that you would need to take measurements of the cabinets and the previous doors before you make any type of purchase.

Make Sure To See If Your Cabinet Doors Would Fit Into Your Budget

Creating custom cabinet doors you will find that the different aspects that you are looking into for these doors can raise or lower the prices. So make sure before you go to look at any cabinet doors that you have a budget side aside for these doors that you must follow. It can be easy to get carried away.

If you are looking to increase the value of your home you would not want to look any further than the comforts and customization that cabinet doors have to offer you. Not only will they give your cabinets a unique look from all the other ones on the block but you will find that these doors will add a comfort to your home that many buyers are looking for.

Custom Kitchen Doors

Whenever you think cabinet doors for refits and substitutes, you ought to be thinking Custom kitchen doors each time. This really is the organization that presently leads the marketplace within the way to obtain custom-made cabinet doors and add-ons available straight to trade and public clients alike. Custom kitchen doors covers each and every necessity of the conventional DIY enthusiast, the professional kitchen installation specialist and all sorts of others in-between, delivering a bundle of quality, variety and good value that’s simply on another level. Put into the commitment of unshakable customer support and delivery of packages associated with a given size to all over the world, it’s no wonder the Custom kitchen doors title is constantly on the move from strength to strength because the world’s favorite.

Considering the endless variety of cheap cabinets and add-ons available on the market, custom kitchen doors has managed to become feasible for existing home owners and individuals building their ideal home to understand their dreams for the first time. Purchasing every last fixture and fitting in the same leading brand guarantees an amount of quality and compatibility that merely can’t be accomplished by shopping from numerous suppliers to produce a perfect blend. As well as coming back to individuals searching to construct incredible work spaces.

An excellent advantage of possessing custom kitchen doors is it will assist you to increase the worth of that property. With the addition of something that’s unique to some home then one which will only help the customer or even the property, you’re growing the need for that property. By growing the need for a house with custom kitchen doors, you’re giving yourself the chance to market the house for additional, providing you with a much better profit over time.

When you’re searching for a terrific way to personalize the feel of your kitchen area or you are remodeling your kitchen area, you’ll always wish to consider your cabinets. Through getting personalized cabinets, you won’t just have the ability to choose something which works perfectly for the space but you should also find something which would fit your fashion sense too. Locating the perfect personalized cabinets can be challenging if you’re unsure by what to search for but you will find a couple of necessary aspects that you would like to consider in advance.

Among the next steps that you ought to take when locating the perfect personalized custom kitchen doors for the kitchen would be to measure your present cabinets or even the space that you’d like to place the custom kitchen doors into. Once you have taken the dimensions for the custom kitchen doors you would like to make certain that you simply make sure individuals dimensions. They’ve created custom doors so if you possess the wrong dimensions you will notice that you’re awaiting custom kitchen doors that won’t squeeze into the allocated space you have put aside on their behalf.